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Plus UI is a Modern Responsive Blogger Template, which provides you amazing and useful features.


You may want to explore Demo blog before making any purchase.

The product is created by Fineshop Design.


v2.6.4 -> v2.6.5 [ Patch, Current ]

  1. [ Fix ] Contact Form was not working.

v2.6.3 -> v2.6.4 [ Patch ]

  1. [ Temp ] License key requirements is currently paused. Note that it will be required in future releases.

v2.6.2 -> v2.6.3 [ Patch ]

  • Currently no information...

Known Issues

Following is the list of know issues in the template with respect to its version:

v2.6.5 [ Current ]

  1. No known issues yet.


If you have any further questions regarding the template, feel free to reach us at:



If you are able to pay using UPI (India Region Only), you can pay directly using UPI by contacting us. By doing this, you only need to pay ₹899.

Since the product is encrypted and requires license key, it can be used for upto 3 Blogs for each purchase.

You need to register the blog url and obtain the license key from the developer before you apply it on your blog. You can reach us as mentioned above.

Read the Refund Policy before making a purchase.


27 May, 2024

Since the template is not getting any major updates from a long time, please read the known issues before making any purchase.

The maintainer of the template has lack of time to work on this project.

If you care about updates, please don't purchase it now. Wait for any major update and then make purchase if you wish.


  • Deo Kumar (Maintainer) [ GitHub ]
  • Sagar Bishnoi
  • Aman Singh [ GitHub ]
  • Armaan Kumar

Want to contribute? Upcoming release is based on Typescript, React and Bundlers. If you wish to contribute using any of these, feel free to contact us.

Special Thanks to

  • The buyers: Many thanks to every buyers from the bottom of my heart. Without you, it was not possible to maintain it.
  • You: Thank you for visiting this product page. I don't know if you liked this template or not but yeah, you spent some of your time to read this. Thank you for your time.


You can make a donation by naming a fair price if you decided to purchase it. Each cent can help me financially ❤️.

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No Refund Policy

We regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds for any products or services. Once a purchase is made, it is considered final. We encourage you to review your selection carefully before completing your transaction. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer support team for assistance. Thank you for your understanding.

Last updated Jan 31, 2024

You will get all the required files including Template XML, posts and pages codes.

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02 November, 2021
11 June, 2024
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Plus UI Blogger Template

13 ratings
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